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Wushu Kung Classes are held in person in the Portland area and Beaverton area of Oregon, USA. Learn more about our wushu team here.

Wushu Live School's Mission Statement:

"Through wushu kung fu martial arts, we learn about hard work, respect, integrity, professionalism, and teamwork. The quality of our wushu is more important than quantity. Watch Wushu LIVE, LEARN, LEAD. Join our Wushu family." 

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Many guests have been interviewed on Wushu Live to share their knowledge about wushu kungfu. There is always something to learn whether you are an athlete, a coach, or a fan! Interviews are now available on the Wushu Live YouTube Channel and through Apple Podcasts (search for Wushulive)

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Limited edition Wushu Live merchandise is available for purchase. You can buy Wushu Live hoodies, track jackets, shirts, and other things. DM Wushu Live through Instagram or Facebook. You can also email at wushuliveroger@gmail.com

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Wushu Live brings you a lot of content including valuable interviews, live wushu practices, and insight during wushu competition watch parties. Your financial support is always welcomed to help continue to bring valuable content. 

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