What is Wushu Live?

Wushu Live was created in 2020 when the world was experiencing a global pandemic from COVID-19. Wushu practitioners all over the world were ordered to stay home, many in lockdown, to limit the spread of the virus. Roger Rosales decided to hold interviews with his wushu friends all over the world to keep the wushu community together. Today, Wushu Live continues its weekly wushu interviews every Sunday and has expanded to offer its audience many other great things. Every week Wushu Live hosts an online contest for wushu video of the week and wushu photo of the week. The Wushu Live audience also watches kung fu movies and competitions together through watch parties. Wushu teachers all over the world also teach seminars on the Wushu Live platform.

Past Wushu Live guests

Host and founder: Roger Rosales

Past Wushu Live interview guests: Krist Caldwell, Justine Carissa, Junhong Chon, Brandon Sugiyama, Brian Hutchinson, Y Chan, Julianna Yip, Sam Mak, Stephanie Lim, Tianyuan Li, Alex Woo, Janel Tijong, Mohammad Momo Ullah, Alleng Peng, Jerry Silva