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We practice Wushu Kung Fu Chinese Martial Arts! We are located in Portland/Beaverton/Hillsboro, Oregon, USA. Our students start as early as 5 years old. They practice high flying routines, self defense, and stunt work. Contact for more information. If you want us to perform wushu at your event, feel free to email us!

Wushu Live School's Mission Statement:

"Through wushu kung fu martial arts, we learn about hard work, respect, integrity, professionalism, and teamwork. The quality of our wushu is more important than quantity. We develop leadership skills through mentorship. We develop confidence and spread wushu love in the community through our performances. Watch Wushu LIVE, LEARN, LEAD. Join our Wushu family." 

Available Wushu Kung Fu Classes 武术班:

Wednesdays 星期三 (Summer: Outdoors at Springville Elementary 6655 NW Joss Ave, Portland, OR 97229, Fall: Lenox Elementary Gym)

Saturdays 星期六 (Oregon Dream Teams -- 11000 SW 11th St #420, Beaverton, OR 97005)

Sundays 星期日 (Oregon Dream Teams  -- 11000 SW 11th St #420, Beaverton, OR 97005)

Fall Term 2023 Regular Class Dates:

Term Tuition:

Winter Term 2023/2024 Regular Class Dates:

SIGN UP NOW! (New Students must pass a tryout lesson first. Email to schedule the tryout)


Shifu Roger 若杰师父

(Owner & Head wushu instructor)

Shifu Roger has been practicing wushu since a very young age and has been teaching wushu for over 20 years. His accomplishments include:

What is WUshu 武术?

Wu Shu means Martial Art in Chinese. It is often referred as Kung Fu or Gong Fu 功夫 and originated in China thousands of years ago. Wu Shu has low stances, strong punches, high kicks, and beautiful jumps. Practicioners do routines using weapons such as with a staff 棍术, a straightsword 剑术, a broadsword 刀术, a spear 枪术, nunchucks, fan, and so much more. To do well in Wu Shu, your body needs to be flexible and strong; you also need to practice consistently; you also need to be sharp in your mind to remember the details of the complex routines. You've seen wushu in many movies including Kung Fu Panda, Marvel, Star Wars, Matrix, Jackie Chan movies, Donnie Yen movies, and Bruce Lee movies. Join our Wushu Family today!